About Me.

I am a dreamer. Dreamer of tomorrows unknown felicity. I am an admirer. Admirer of beauty, art, philosophy, literary, et cetera. I am rather a too lazy person. I am quite too penitent. I have an endless thoughts, but I surely miss its beat. I am happy with what I am, Or may be not.

I live at the expense of my own dreamy, dreary, pelite thoughts, often too difficult to understand them. I am calm and talk less. I prefer silence to blabbering. I have an explanation for the same in one of my posts.I am a poet with in the fore-walls of my mind. I could see the in-disparity of thoughts revolving and tumbling through the delicate ramparts of the less-used mind. 

I am an aspiring prolific writer. I write not because I have to write, rather because I want to write and let the thoughts have the freedom through my inscriptions in my posts. I accept anything you would comment on my write-ups. I love music the most and not to mention the musicals also. I hear to it for hours and can stay hearing to it for days also. Sometimes,I dance a the harmony of the music. The rap or the soothing music; anything does its work splendidly in moving the lazy-stricken muscles of my body. I love the gadgets I have. And I am always fantasizing about all the latest gadgets. Wish I could own all of them.
I give much preference to the person facing me relatively than mine, because sometimes I UNDERSTAND what they think. I am a "SHORT-COMING' person and a dead god fearing person. I actually admire all his creations, if at all he exists. 

I claim myself to be a thinker of "MODERN RENAISSANCE".

And I write blogs at ::

The Shaded Shadows !!!
Winged Dreams !!!

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