Sunday, August 26, 2012

What is my Name?

Author's Note : Continuation of the previous post! It may seem a little unreal, but I guess whats the fun in being real. I am not trying to write some ordinary possible story. It is going to be a sci-fi type. Hope, this doesn't suck as much as I think it may. 
First Part : One Night.
Second Part : In Coma.


I survived the fall at the hospital. The broken glass pieces of the car were stuck in my back and my head was heavy injured as the blood kept draining from it. I couldn't think what I was doing. I was walking. I had been walking for an hour or so. I was more like limping. I hurt my leg during the fall, I guess. The hospital authorities might not have searched for me keeping the climatic condition at that time. The sky was dark completely dark filled with fiery clouds which roared and thundered without a break. I was alive or not, I still have no idea. I may be a dead soul walking on the street. What else can I be? ... after a fall from a building ... no one could survive that. But my mind wasn't thinking at that time. It had forgotten everything about what had happened and how it all happened. 

The blood drained from me. I just couldn't feel it. I walked down the road, dark and silent. My heartbeat echoed in the streets. "What time is it?" , I thought in my mind. I can see the empty street with florescent lights of sodium vapour lamps guiding my way... to where...I had no idea. I was waking as if someone was chasing me. I have no memory of what happened to me the day before and the day before that. What is the last thing I remember? I tried hard to remember. But the lethal injection or whatever the doctor gave me prevented me for remembering what might have happened to me. There was an old house which looked like a church or something. It was big and the lawn was dirty and had overgrown grass. I thought it might be empty and I could rest in it for some time. « Elaborate ♦ »


"Steve, We have a problem", Dr. Jacob Matthews spoke in horrifying state to someone on the other side on the phone.
"Calm down, Tell me what happened ?" , said the voice from the other side.
"The new test subject is missing." , Doctor replied in fright of getting scolded or may get fired as well.
"Missing? How did that happen?", the voice became harder and portrayed anger.
"He fell off from the building and was not found later.", the doctor replied.
"What the fuck does that mean? And where the hell was the test patient? ", Steve demanded.
"At the hospital!", the doctor replied.
"What the hell, Jacob. Weren't our test subjects tested at the Volmax Lab?", Steve was furious.
"No, Steve. He almost died when he was brought to the hospital. And I was on a regular checks at the hospital and heard he was in coma. So, I injected a little dose of RNX912 as he was already in coma andhis chances of living were minimum.", the doctor explained. 
"What the hell is wrong with you? And why is the drug outside the lab?", Steve was becoming uncontrollably angry.
"..Yes, Steve... It is supposed to be...But I brought the blood samples to test and I needed it for the tests,  so I brought a little sample.", the doctor replied.
"Does anybody know about it? And how the hell is he still alive? Was he in coma or what?" , Steve's emotion was still unvaried. 
"That's what I am surprised about. It doesn't work on weak people and it has a lot of reactions on people who are strong. But he stayed calm so I thought he was dead", the doc replied back.
"Did you say RNX912? That hasn't been tested on humans asshole. Why did you do that?", Steve became angry again.
"Yes, thats' why I tried. I gave a little to the test subject 23 and it was fine then. So, I gave it to that almost dying person. And now the test subject 23 is dead. And this man is missing.", the doc replied.
"Are there any chances of him living? And what about the side-effects? People won't be harmed by it if he is not properly disposed off, will they?..." , Steve says relaxing somewhat knowing that nothing much can be done. 
"...And I will send someone to look for him and bring him to the lab or dispose him off if he is already dead, tomorrow. And don't tell anything about it to boss.", Steve continued. 
"Okay, I won't. Thanks.", Doc replied relaxing back in his chair.


There were broken glass pieces on my back. I had not noticed them till I hit the door of the big abandoned building. Suddenly, I felt a little pain in the back and I stopped. I couldn't move. By then, the rain had started and it was pouring like a wild fire. The empty streets were filled with the sound of the heavy rain. I was at the vast door and I was well protected from the rain. My face must have been covered with blood as I just could feel the taste of the dried blood on my lips. I tried to remove the broken pieces. They were just out of reach. I tried harder to pull them off. I couldn't bend my hand. For a normal person it would have been easy. But I don't know what was going on with me, I just couldn't reach it. I removed the remaining glass pieces which were handy and got down into the rain to clean myself up.

The water was cold, striking painfully on my muscles, my face and my body. It was painful.  I cleaned myself up and started walking back into the house. I was completely wet. And the door didn't seem to open so easily. "Is anyone still inside?", I asked myself. It didn't look like someone would stay and keep it that way. It seemed pretty old and not such a good place for people to live also by the looks of it. I realised I was trying to open the door from the wrong side. The hall was big. It must be related to someone rich and old. The interior was neatly decorated but they seemed history with broken statues, windows and patched on the walls. The roof was very high. It also seemed like a ghost house with its darkness. If I was in my wits and totally alive I wouldn't have dared to step in inside of this old building. 

I was weak but sleep didn't seem to favour me. I got into thinking trying to recollect the events that made me end up like this. Suddenly, I shiver : I couldn't recollect my name. "What is my name?", I shouted in my mind. I had no energy to shout out loud. "Where do I stay?" , "What do I do?".. the questions followed one after the other but no answers came to me. "Where was I this morning?" , I tried hard to recollect the events, my name, my job, my family, my home... The more I tried, I more betrayed and lonely I felt. I had no answers, only unanswered questions. The more I thought, the more weak I felt. I couldn't cry either. I closed my eyes and fell in a deep sleep. May be a sound sleep could help me recollect something. 

To be continued.... 

P.S. : Let me know, if it is as bad as it sounds. Because I don't think it is going on a good pace neither on good terms. I don't know how a story is written. So, bring in your feedbacks.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Coma.

Author's Note : Continuation of the previous post! It may seem a little unreal, but I guess whats the fun in being real. I am not trying to write some ordinary possible story. I am rather going to the sci-fi type. Hope, this doesn't suck as much as I think it may. Images are from Google. The Previous Part can be found here : One Night !

In Coma !

Some days might have passed, I think. I don't know. I don't even know what was happening or where I was. There were voices round me and some very strange noises at times. It took me ages to get back to some of my senses. I could hear the ticking clock far beyond where I was saying. It was loud, really loud. It was then a matter of minutes when I heard some *beep- beep- beep* sound besides me. Someone came, I heard a female voice saying," Doctor, Emergency!" I realized that I was in a Hospital. "What was happening to me?", I asked myself. I wanted to shout. But, I couldn't. I did't understand why. The Doctor might have come and I don't know what he did, but I was going back to sleep and I felt dizziness like something blurred my thought. But I didn't want to go back to sleep. I wanted to know what was happening. I fought not to. I wanted to kick and let my hands free. But I couldn't feel them. Before I could think any further, I went blank. My thoughts faded into thin air of darkness. 

I was dreaming, I guess. I saw everything fall in front of me. Starting from my childhood, from the point that I could remember to some where in office at some time, which I don't remember. I don't remember what happened before I came here to the Hospital. Everything flashed before my eyes like a long movie cut short into images. All the images and impressions made one point clear that "I hated my life than anything else". There were images/impressions of me trying to commit suicide at some time which failed though, for I lost hope in me and the humanity. I had a very troubled childhood. My Parents died when I was six years old. I was sent by the Children Care Society to live with my uncle whom I had never seen before in my life before that. He was one lousy bastard. I guess my parents made enough savings for me. But since I was under my uncle's care the money went to him directly. I was made to work at his shit-hole car-shed which had no customers at all. And all with the forceful work and school work, I had to squeeze time for myself. Wait, for me? I wanted to rest, I wanted to run away. I knew nothing about freedom, about laughter, about happiness. All I remember were the moments before my parent's death. That was one tragic accident in front of my eyes. And that accident which I saw with my own eyes made me much more weaker for the shock it caused me when I was so little. I worked hard through college, got decent grades and managed to get a job. I left my uncle and moved to the city. But he often visits. He visits not for my welfare. He gets carried away with gambling and liquor and begs for money. My job pays me a little, which I can't even get through the monthly rent and also I have to give some of my savings to this lousy uncle. He spent all my parent's money in gambling and improvement of the car shed, which was just another excuse. I hated him, I hated myself more. And the job isn't satisfying either. I could get a better job, but the current economy is in recession. And losing this job would mean no food. Death would be a suitable option then. I couldn't stop the flow of thoughts. I tried. I tried harder..

I tried to wake up. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't. Then again, I heard a voice, the same voice which talked before I was put to sleep. She was speaking to another nurse, I think. 

"The patient went to coma 2 days back and suddenly showed some signs of improvement. Doctor says he has seen nothing like this before." She went deep into the medical terms which I couldn't make out. 

"I am in coma", I exclaimed to myself, "Impossible, but how..."
My flow of thought were disrupted as the other person started speaking.

"How did he get into coma, in the first place", the other nurse asked.

"You haven't seen the news? He was in the spotlight for rescuing a woman who was being robbed and molested. He sprung into action as that woman says and saved her life by taking two bullets. It is a miracle that he survived, you know!", the nurse replied with a bit of enthusiasm and continued, " I am actually lucky to get this case and also this is my first patient who I am administering. And now the doctor says that he might get well and walk within no time". 

And the conversation between the two nurses faded as they went away after checking on me. My thought train again departed from the station. All thoughts led me into thinking, "I wish I were dead! At least I would have done one good deed by saving the lady for all the grudge and hatred I had on God!"  What did god give me after all? A troubled childhood, dead parents, a lousy bastard uncle and a low pay job. "Is this life all about?". I went to church every Sunday, with a pint of hope that some day, some how, A Miracle would happen to me and I would be free from all my troubles of my life. But that never happened. "Why God? Why me? Why not cut me some slack" ! " Is it so hard to give me some peace of mind, something I could live for!" I got all hyper on God. I started cursing. I never swore before, never to God. But now, I am Lost. "I am in a damn COMA, for God's sake! "Why?".  "What evil did I do?" . "I was never loved, nor did I find any love". "And again What is love? ". "God! You should have left me there to die for good rather than keeping me alive in a coma". I thought, "What greater good could I do by staying alive?" . I can't even afford the medicines and now who was going to pay for my expenses as I lay lifelessly in a coma.

As I lay helplessly in my bed cursing and pitying myself for being alive in such unstable state, something went through my spine, like a shock. It forced me to open my eyes. It was dark like. I think it was midnight, for it was silence everywhere. I could feel my legs and a moment later, I could feel my hands too. It must have been windy outside. The wind was gushing though the hospital window. A cool breeze swept my lifeless body which gave me some strength and like a dead battery coming alive, I sprung up. I sat down and observed my surroundings. I was adapted to darkness, for I was in coma for so long. I saw a flower bouquet by the table with a card on it which read, " Thanks for saving me and for all the trouble" and at the back of it a number, her phone number. My legs and hands were still numb and it took me a lot of time to get them to work. Finally, I tried standing up, but stumbled. I was still wired,  connected to an ECG and other monitoring devices. I freed myself from all those. 
There was a cupboard besides my bed. It contained my belongings. I unpacked it. I found a lighter, a wallet with no visible cash and my clothes. I took out the blue grown which I was wearing and got myself into my clothes. I snapped the door open and went out in the corridor. The light in the corridor blurred my vision. I could barely see anything. It was a dim light as it was night but it still made my eyes flutter for freedom. It was painful as it hurt like hell. I managed to get to the main entrance of the Hospital and went outside. 

I could feel the calmness of the night sky, the cold breeze. I smell of the grass and the dust made me realize I was still alive and no more in a coma. The wind was mushy and fierce as if tornado broke out loose. I stopped as the wind became harder and stronger. Suddenly, some voices rose from behind. The sky was covered in clouds, dark fiery clouds. The voices became clearer by second. The sky was roaring as if a volcano is ready to explode in mid air.

"Sir, step away from the edge!", the voice from behind shouted. I was at the edge of the building at the Hospital top. But in my perception what lay ahead of me was a large empty space with a beautiful garden outside the Hospital. It might have been the morphine or something the nurse had administered some while back. May be I was hallucinating. It was the tallest building and the wind was gushing through the empty spaces of the air and filled it with noises which made it harder to listen what the people behind me tried to tell. I turned back to get the clear idea of what the voice said as I couldn't understand in the first go. I saw two female nurses and 3 male. They looked horrified. They seemed mumbling, but they were shouting at the pitch of their voice. 

" Sa..rrrr stte-ppp .... we .. roo mm.. daaa geee" !
"Saaar Sstepp... way rummm daa edgee"!
"Sirrr, Step away from the edgee"!

Thw wind carried the voices away but I could understood what they were trying to tell in the third time. I looked behind me. It was very steep and a very tall building indeed. 

"Sir stay calm and slowly move forward and don't look back". 

I turned towards them in a shock and with a confused mind. It was then a bright light flashed in front of me. A large thunderous sound which could make one hearing-impaired. It might have struck me; for I was at the worst place ever and at a impeding height. I felt the vast discharge of energy through me. I must have been burnt to death within a flicker of second. I then found myself in the air suspended freely at the height of nearly over seventy floors. Every thought I ever had flashed in front of my eyes. Everything. May be I was going to die again, I concluded and my head smashed the glass of a sedan car. 

The hospital authorities rushed down to the rescue. But I was no where to be seen. The car was broken and the glass pieces lay shattered on the road. There was blood. But there was no trail of it besides the broken car on the road. "Where did he go?", they all exclaimed. 

( To be Continued...)

P.S. : So, tell me ! Should I stop? Or shall I continue. So be frank. Because it might get totally unreal and would start sucking even more.